An Islamic Miracle – The Wonder Boy

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Search Knowledge... Search ISLAM
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We all can search for knowledge, we can search and hope for the almighty’s special attention. But it is all up to him to select the right person to give him the special knowledge. Searchanddownload presents you a great example of being educated in the way of the Almighty ALLAH! Many years ago a wonder boy had been discovered who was educated in Islamic way.

It may sound ordinary but the miracle is he was educated by born! He used to answer all the questions asked to him simply with the verses explained in the Holy Quran. This miracle boy can be an example for us to guide ourselves to the light of islam.

The first part of the video has been published today for the searchanddownload viewers.

The bad news is this video has been translated in Bengali.

The viewers can also download the video. To download the video, simply copy the video link to the youtube downloader software and click the download button.


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