Humayun Ahmed waiting at Nuhash Polli – Update

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Search & Download NEWS
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Humayun Ahmed in Nuhash Polli

Our Beloved Writer Humayun Ahmed’s Salat al Janajah just finished after the Juhr prayer. His body is now waiting to be Buried at Nuhash Polli- “Leechu Tola”.

01: 55 PM BDT – Humayun Ahmed’s coffin is being carried out to his Grave.

01:57 PM BDT – The cover of his coffin has been opened now.

01:58 PM BDT – Body has been carried out from the Coffin.

02:00 PM BDT – Body is being Buried. It is Drizzling out there at Nuhash Polli.

02:07 PM BDT – The Legend HUMAYUN AHMED has been Buried at Leechu tola at Nuhash polli.

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Viewers, You can download this update post for your personal archive. To DOWNLOAD this Update in pdf, click Download Humayun Ahmed Final Journey Update.


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