Search Humayun Ahmed at Nuhash Polli

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Search & Download NEWS
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From today,Humayun Ahmed‘s Fans will have to search their beloved writer at his dearest place “Nuhash Polli“. Humayun Ahmed’s endless journey will be settled at Nuhash Polli. After Huge anticipation his family members became able to come to a decision that his body will be buried at his dearest place Nuhash Polli according to his last wish. His wife Meher Afroz Shawon informed the media about his last wish confessed to her. 23rd July 2012, at the LGED Minister Jahangir Kabir Nanok’s residence, Humayun Ahmed’s Family members came to a decision of selecting Nuhash Polli as his graveyard. On 24th April, this amazing legendary multi-tallented writers body will be taken from BIRDEM Hospital’s cold storage to Nuhash Polli after 11 AM.

Dear Viewers, You can Download this story. To download this story about Humayun Ahmed click SEARCH HUMAYUN AHMED AT NUHASH POLLI.

Viewers, to search new update more information about Humayun Ahmed, click here


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